In-District Services

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The SEEM Collaborative provides a full range of services to students within our member district schools. Each student receives the blend of services needed to best support his or her unique needs and to enable academic, social, and emotional advancement. SEEM staff work closely with member district staff and parents to assess student progress and determine future treatments and placements.

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Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the science of systematically studying variables that influence behavior (Sulzer-Azaroff and Mayer,1991).  SEEM Collaborative currently employs several Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), who provide and supervise ABA services, for students ages 3-22.  Five main areas of service are provided: consultation to SEEM Collaborative schools; consultation to member and non-member public school districts; direct and consultative home services; assessments; and ABA-based trainings. For more detailed information on services provided, please access our current referral forms.

District-Based Trainings

SEEM Collaborative provides district-based professional learning workshops in the following areas:

  • Behavior Analysis (ABA)
  • English Language Education
  • Social Emotional
  • Leading Educational Access Program (LEAP)
  • Transition
  • Assistive Technology
  • Special Education

For a more detailed list or to request a training, see the 2019-2020 SEEM Training Referral Form

Assistive Technologies

Specialists use the SETT Frameworks to assess what, if any, assistive technologies are needed to support student access to the Common Core Curriculum Frameworks.


Our complete range of audiology services includes: ongoing consultation with classroom staff about each student’s specific needs; hearing equipment functioning and troubleshooting; instruction on environmental and educational accommodations; communicating with student audiologists; and, when necessary, providing direct assessment and instruction to students in need.

Clinical/Mental Health

Clinical teams and classroom staff work closely together to assist students with learning strategies to improve their social/emotional functioning and impulse control management within classroom settings and during individual treatment sessions. SEEM’s mental health staff provides ongoing consultation to the classroom staff.

English Language Education

SEEM’s English Language Education (ELE) department offers a variety of services to English Language Learners and their teachers. Our services include coaching/consultation for ELL and SEI teachers, professional development workshops, RETELL trainings, direct student services, and ELL assessments. We are also able to do program consults and assessments for districts looking to restructure their programming.

Psycho-Educational and School Neuropsychological Assessments

This assessment evaluates psychological and academic functioning to determine special education placement needs and services required for effective remediation.

Transition and Recreational Services

SEEM Collaborative’s Transition Services Department provides evaluation, consultation and direct student support in the areas affecting postsecondary outcomes (employment, independent living, and lifelong learning).

  • Assessments: All evaluations consist of a series of formal and informal testing, interviews and observations.
    • Postsecondary Transition Skills Assessment: A comprehensive assessment examining the student’s postsecondary goals, interests and strengths in the areas of employment, independent living, and lifelong learning.
    • Student Vocational Assessment: An evaluation of the student’s career interests, aptitudes and work preferences.
    • Recreation & Leisure Assessment: An examination of the student’s interests, and ability to access community-based recreational and leisure opportunities.
  • School-to-Work Program: This ancillary program provides one-on-one instruction in community settings, helping students learn and generalize skills in natural settings.  The School-to-Work program offers school-day and after school hours, focusing on the following skill areas:
    • Job Development and Employment Skills
    • Community-Based Life Skills (community safety, shopping, banking, access to community services)
    • Travel Training
  • Recreational & Leisure Program: SEEM’s Recreational Specialist provides direct and indirect services to help youth increase their involvement within their community, make new friends, and improve their quality of life!
    • Direct Rec. & Leisure Services include on-on-one and classroom exploration of leisure interests and activities.
    • Indirect Rec. & Leisure Services involves behind the scene planning and coordination of field trips and afterschool activities.
  • Transition and Recreation Services Request Form 2019-2020

For more information contact:

Richard Plouffe, MSEd. Director of Transition Services 781-279-1361 x 1112

Tutoring Services

Tutoring services may be provided to students who have a medical condition preventing them from participating in classroom instruction and to keep them as current as possible while facilitating the student’s return to the current classroom setting. SEEM Collaborative is dedicated to providing students quality instruction using academic strategies through online learning or direct instruction. Online courses may be used in place of, or to supplement, direct instruction for available classes.

Bridge Program

The purpose of the Bridge Program at SEEM Collaborative is to assist public school districts with developing increased skills and capacity to effectively meet the growing needs of students struggling with social and emotional difficulties, to provide support to families in removing non academic barriers to student success, and to support students directly through crisis intervention and intensive case management.  The Bridge Program provides services in a variety of modalities in the school, home and community setting.  The Bridge Program offers Consultation Services, Home Services, Intensive Case Management and Coordination and School Based Assessments and Direct Services.

Vision and Orientation and Mobility (O&M)

Direct vision services teach compensatory skills, while consultation services to classroom staff include classroom organization, materials modification, and teaching strategies. O&M instruction is age-appropriate, individualized training that teaches students with visual impairments to move safely and independently at home, in schools, and in the community.

Equity Specialist:

The Equity Specialist position is designed to offer supports for schools, districts, educators, and students in the areas of race, class, disability, sexuality, gender and transgender identity, and other areas as needed. Professional development, consultation on a school, classroom, or district level, equity coaching, and program evaluation are available. Services are individualized based on what each team needs to promote educational equity in their settings.

  • 2019-2020 Equity Specialist Service Referral


The SEEM Collaborative manages a contract with a third-party provider to transport students from member and non-member districts to SEEM programs. Our carefully selected transportation provider is equipped to meet the special needs of our students to ensure their safety from the time they are picked up at home until SEEM staff meet them at their destinations.