Taking Home a SEEM Device

* All PDF forms below can be downloaded and either physically or electronically signed (See Digisigner below). 

SEEM Chromebook for Employees

To Request a SEEM Chromebook for EMPLOYEES HOME USE, employees should do the following:

  1. Submit a helpdesk ticket (Specify the Chromebook ID)
  2. IT will configure your Chromebook for HOME USE.

>>>Note: See Special Conditions for Off-site Chromebooks BELOW<<<

SEEM Chromebook for Students

Students under the age of 13 require parental permission to use GSuite for Education per Googles Privacy Policy. Parents can download SEEM G-Suite Student Login Parent Permission Form directly, sign* and email back to the school principal or the address on the bottom of the form (if provided).

Teachers should facilitate the following for the parent/student:

  1. Submit a helpdesk ticket (include Students Name and Chromebook# on the bottom)
  2. Download the SEEM G-Suite Student Login Parent Permission Form (Espanol) (if required for 13 yo and under)
  3. Download SEEM Chromebook Take Home and Acceptable Use Agreement for Students 
  4. Upload all form(s) with the Helpdesk Ticket and/or upon receipt from the parent

Special Conditions for Off-Site Chromebook Usage

  1. SEEM IT needs the Chromebooks ID (on the bottom) to reassign it as a remote access device *
  2. A remote access Chromebook will perform an auto-reconfiguration the first time it connects to the Internet (Note: You will know it is ready when the <school> wallpaper background changes to a generic SEEM background. When you see info@collaborative.org, it will be ready for home use)

    * Remote Access devices are no longer required to connect to SEEM Wifi to undergo reconfiguration however chromebooks it will not function at home unless it is assigned for remote access usage.

SEEM iPads for Students

  1. Submit a helpdesk ticket indicating the Students Name and iPad Device ID (found on the back or under General>Info)
  2. Download SEEM iPad Take Home and Acceptable Use Agreement for Students 
  3. Upload the form with the Helpdesk Ticket and/or upon receipt from the parent

SEEM Laptops for Employee Home Use

SEEM Staff laptop users have the option for VPN/Remote Access for usage at home. All laptops must be configure by the SEEM Technology department. SEEM laptops will contain VPN Software, Antivirus protection, Office Professional 2016 or later, and the latest security patches and updates. These laptops are Windows 10 (with a few exceptions still on Windows 7).

Employees should follow the procedure found on Tech Support Resources under the section EMPLOYEE LAPTOP VPN REQUEST FOR HOME USE

After remote access has been setup, the employee will be requested to sign a Mobile Device User Agreement for their specific device. *

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