Professional Learning Center

Welcome to the SEEM Collaborative’s Professional Learning Center!

PD 2Fostering ongoing professional growth is critical to effective teaching and successful student learning. The core mission of the SEEM Collaborative’s professional learning center is providing our member districts with the support services, best practices, and knowledge their teaching staffs need to extend instructional excellence to students. We are committed to offering quality, cost-effective professional development opportunities and to partnering with our member districts to develop high-quality, authentic programs that improve student achievement.

The SEEM Collaborative’s professional learning center supports the growth of all staff in a myriad of ways that engage and promote positive changes in practice, including:

  • Hiring reputable trainers known for their high impact on instructional practice who would be too costly for districts to fund entirely on their own;
  • Utilizing Collaborative Staff (i.e., BCBAs, Safety Care Trainers) to provide customized workshops. This approach allows districts to access training that is necessary for select faculty without incurring the burden of total cost;
  • Hosting Job Alikes for member district curriculum leaders that enable cross-district Common Core Curriculum map alignment and completion of trimester 1 common assessments;
  • Offering courses both in the SEEM Training facility and online to accommodate varying staff schedules and busy lifestyles.