Tech Support Resources

Non-Emergency Support Procedures

All requests for non-emergency support should start by submitting a SEEM Helpdesk ticket. If your ticket requires remote support, staff may then Book a Time with SEEM Tech Support.

SEEM Tech support hours are the same as the normal school work week.

How to Submit a Helpdesk Ticket

To submit a Helpdesk ticket, simply send an email to seemhelpdesk @ from your SEEM Collaborative email. 

Note: If you can't access your SEEM email, please use your personal Email address on file (when you were hired in TalentED) --or-- contact your school principal or administrative assistant to submit a ticket on your behalf

Book-a-time with SEEM IT

Teachers and staff who require remote support (at home) should

  1. Submit a Helpdesk Ticket
  2. Book A Time with SEEM Tech Support
    Note: You must be logged with your GSuite account to access this form.
    All remote support sessions are done using and Google Chat

SEEM Laptop Request for EMPLOYEE home USe/VPN Access

Employees may request their SEEM Laptop be setup for Home Use/VPN/Remote Access via the following:

  1. Submit a Helpdesk Ticket
  2. Fill out this Google Form (Include the helpdesk ticket #)
  3. Book A Time with SEEM Tech Support

Note: After remote access has been setup, the employee will be requested to sign a Mobile Device User Agreement for their specific device. *

Steps For Taking Home a SEEM Chromebook/iPad

Procedures for SEEM Chromebooks and Ipads for home use by employees and students are found here.

Electronic Signature via DigiSigner (FREE)

DigiSigner is a FREE service which allow you to upload a PDF, add a signature, and download the updated PDF electronically.  This tool is adequate for use where personal information is not a concern. (Take home agreements, Device Sign-out sheets, etc.). PLEASE USE DISCRETION WITH FORMS WHICH CONTAIN PERSONAL INFORMATION. 
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Coming Soon !!!!!!

New Online Helpdesk Ticket System (Currently inactive)

A new online helpdesk has been put in place for remote access. Unlike the old helpdesk (http://seemhelpdesk – which is not accessable from home and only at SEEM), this new helpdesk is always live on the Internet.

Click here –> NEW! SEEM Online Helpdesk (effective T.B.D)