Tech Support Resources

Non-Emergency Support Procedures

All requests for non-emergency support should start by submitting a SEEM Helpdesk ticket. If your ticket requires remote support, staff may then Book a Time with SEEM Tech Support.

SEEM Tech support hours are the same as the normal school work week.

How to Submit a Helpdesk Ticket

To submit a Helpdesk ticket, simply send an email to from your SEEM Collaborative email. 

Note: If you can't access your SEEM email, please use your personal Email address on file (when you were hired in TalentED) --or-- contact your school principal or administrative assistant to submit a ticket on your behalf

Book-a-time with SEEM IT

Teachers and staff who require remote support (at home) should

  1. Submit a Helpdesk Ticket
  2. Book A Time with SEEM Tech Support
    Note: You must be logged with your GSuite account to access this form.
    All remote support sessions are done using and Google Chat

SEEM Laptop Request for VPN Access

To request your SEEM Laptop be setup for VPN/Remote Access, please do the following:

  1. Submit a Helpdesk Ticket
  2. Fill out this Google Form (Include the helpdesk ticket #)
  3. Book A Time with SEEM Tech Support

Steps to Taking Home a SEEM Device

Procedures for SEEM Chromebooks and Ipads for home use by employees and students are found here.

Electronic Signature via DigiSigner (FREE)

DigiSigner is a FREE service which allow you to upload a PDF, add a signature, and download the updated PDF electronically.  This tool is adequate for use where personal information is not a concern. (Take home agreements, Device Sign-out sheets, etc.). PLEASE USE DISCRETION WITH FORMS WHICH CONTAIN PERSONAL INFORMATION. 
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Coming Soon !!!!!!

New Online Helpdesk Ticket System (Currently inactive)

A new online helpdesk has been put in place for remote access. Unlike the old helpdesk (http://seemhelpdesk – which is not accessable from home and only at SEEM), this new helpdesk is always live on the Internet.

Click here –> NEW! SEEM Online Helpdesk (effective T.B.D)